Thursday, September 20, 2012

Class of 2025...Graduating with Technology

     Well, the new year has begun!  August and September are a big blur...... months you'd like to forget..... October can't come fast enough.  I think it's simply a necessary evil as you start with this diverse group of 5, 6, and 7 year-olds (many who have never been exposed to what a 'line' might be and then there are some who can already read) and you slowly but SURELY mold them into your little kindergarten soldiers students.  By the end of September you can begin to start teaching content and you start to feel like a 'real teacher' not a hen trying to keep her chicks from running around the farm! 

     We have started to use our clickers. I am fortunate to have Sparks this year!I just love them and would recommend them to anyone asking!  Here's a news story from a local channel about my classroom use of clickers a few years ago.  Click here!

It's amazing to think that this year's K class will be graduating in 2025!  YIKES!  
Check out these stats from LearnStuff:
Notice the growth of Twitter and Facebook in 2 years. AMAZING! Speaking of sure to check out my class Facebook page here!

Graduating With Technology