Sunday, January 15, 2012

Can I play Angry Birds???

Well, I am getting more comfortable with integrating the ipads into my 'typical day' (as typical as kindergarten can get, at least).  My goal now is to get more efficient in:
  •  passing out/students getting the ipads
  • students knowing what specific app they are to use
  • students actually starting on that particular app
I have one student who asks each day if they can 'play angry birds', another few who always want to play with "Talking Tom" who repeats everything (or the other 5 apps just like it with a different character, although I must say the dog and cat newscast is very cool!), a boy who wants to take pictures, and many kids who want to create a story on Toontastic. 

So, anyone have any great ideas for organization?  Some suggestions I have heard for the 5 ipads I have:
  • Have the ipads assigned to a particular table for the day.  
  • Put ipads in a tub that can sit on the table to lessen movement
  • Have a checklist of apps you want the students to complete/participate in that day.
Any others????  I'm looking at trying out the three above.  Anyone else try this and have any feedback or hints?  I'll let you know how it goes...... Maybe I won't hear "Can I play Angry Birds?" anymore....... Funny thing is I don't even have Angry Birds on the ipads!