Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Math App!

One of the math apps I love to use in Kindergarten with the iPads is KG Math. You can find it here.   What I love about it is that it is actually geared towards kindergarten. It hits tons of standards and they keep coming up with new updates with more games.  The game does cost $1.99 but I think it is worth purchasing.  (I am not getting any kickbacks for recommending this app... I just truly love it : ) 

Here is a screen shot of some games the students can choose.  It is a very simple format and extremely kid friendly.  I love that they even included symmetry!  How many symmetry activities do you find??? Not many!  The only complaint (which I hope with one of the updates they will change) is that if a student gets it wrong there is not an explanation or teaching moment that helps the child.  This is the one drawback I see.  I'm hoping that feature will be there soon!  Maybe if enough of us check it out and send that suggestion then it will happen...... 
What math apps do you love?