Saturday, September 3, 2011

Let the games begin...

     As we just finished our first week in kindergarten there is still so much to do! We are learning procedures, rules, and expectations.  I always try to introduce the technology I will be using in my classroom right from the beginning.  So begins the Ipad adventures in Kindergarten... I must say I had to swallow my reservations.  My biggest fear is that THEY WILL BREAK IT!  Can you imagine???? 5 year olds cannot be expected to understand the value of money (this is easily proven by the choice of a penny over any other coin time and time again!).  So, I am stressing the 'procedures' of using the Ipad.  The main rule of the moment is "Do not pick it up and take it anywhere."  I will let you know how it goes!!!
     So far about half the class has been able to individually use the Ipad for a letter recognition app.  I have also used it in whole group.  I have a document camera so I placed the Ipad under the document camera and demonstrated different apps and how to navigate the Ipad. 
     Needless to say all of the children are excited to use the Ipad.  As I get to know my students' strenghts and weaknesses I will be searching for apps that fit our needs. 
     As a side note:  The app "The Monster At the End of this Book" is from the Sesame Street Book staring Grover.  It is very cute and engaging!  My 10 month old was giggling and wanting to touch the screen the entire time!