Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How can I use this blog????

I see this blog as a way for me to share information about the experiences of my class using ipads.  My hope is that my experiences will not only help others but to also bring about comments and suggestions on how I can utilize the ipads most effectively.  So, for this particular blog my goal is to create a professional blog for myself and others to share ideas. 

I have a classroom blog which can be found at http://www.lakelocal.org/teacher/he/dills-k-blog/default.aspx which I use to share information with parents.  I can share slideshows of pictures, information about upcoming events, reminders, and tips for extra help with school work at home.  Since I have kindergarteners I find it difficult for students to actually participate in the blog.  I do show them when I update the blog and try to encourage them to view it with their parents.  They love the sites we visit so they are typically excited that they can show mom and dad how to use the sites. Many parents love having the extra help!

Here's a screenshot of my classroom blog!


  1. I am also a Kindergarten teacher and feel that it would be a challenging experience to provide each child with their own blog. Therefore, I plan on using my blog during whole class experiences. This seems to be the way you will overcome this challenge as well. In my room, we will post our learning and pictures on the blog. With the help of our SMARTBOARD I will be able to actually show the children the process on a larger scale. Like you mentioned this type of blog would also be an excellent resource for parents. It would help to bridge the gap between the school and home environments.

  2. attempting to post

  3. Angel, I have attempted to write on your page and it does not allow me! Dr. Thompson says it's a setting on your page you can correct to allow all comments. Can you see if you have any luck? I keep trying to comment on your blog and can't! It's great and I'd like to leave my ideas! THANKS!

  4. Hello Melissa,
    I changed it, you should be able to now. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Angel, I will follow your blog to see how it goes. Thanks for the comments!

  6. I am a first grade teacher and also feel that having the students blogging is to much for them. But I have found that posting pictures of the kids and sharing this with them, is pretty exciting to the kids. I am also going to start posting some of my students writings to my blog page. I think they will enjoy seeing this.

    Great blog page....how did you get your background?

  7. Tricia, how will you 'post' their work? Post a picture of their work? I need to do more of that! I got the background through a site. Look at the top left of my page and there's a link to the particular site I used. You download it and then copy and past into the formatting of your blog. The directions are very easy to follow. They have some cute one!

  8. Hey Melissa,
    Thanks for fixing your settings! I am a Kindergarten teacher too! I really like your own personal blog that you use it to show current events in your classroom. That is what I am trying to do with my blog.
    I think that this blog about iPads in Kinergarten will become a tool to educate the teaching community on your successes! I will be checking in on your site to see what new things you are doing with the iPads out of curiousity sake. I may even use your success stories as a way to prove the effectiveness and try to persuade my principal for some additional technology funding!
    Chelsea Blasius-Lewis