Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UDL Glog!

Have you heard of the Universal Design of Learning?  Check out the glog I created here to help understand some of the vital points.  If you are not familiar with glogs they are soooooooooooooo much fun!  Look for hot pink arrows to click on (you'll hear my voice, seriously, try it : )  There is a movie you can watch, and links you can click on...... Click around and you'll figure it out, seriously, if our students can do it than so can we!!!!

Want the cliff notes????  No two students are the same, no two students process information the same, and therefore students deserve to have information presented in multiple ways, students should be encouraged to showcase their knowledge in multiple ways, and students should be motivated in multiple ways. 

What are some ways you differentiate within your classroom?  How do you make sure you're reaching all of your students? How do you KNOW you are????? Inquiring minds want to know : )

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  1. thanks for joining, I am now your newest follower! by the way I would love to be in your room with those Ipads, awesome!!!

  2. LOVE your site....I'm your newest follower! I've got a few iPads for my classroom & I'm struggling to find meaningful uses for them. Thanks for the ideas--it's super helpful :)

    The First Grade Derby

  3. I just started piloting ipads in my kg class and am looking for the best apps to start with in the fall. I am grateful for any and all suggestions...