Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GAME On.....

Last week I posted my GAME plan for advancing my knowledge in technology.  My goals included engaging students in real-life experiences with technology integration and collaborating to use technology to enhance student success and creativity.  Don't we all want to get improve on that?  One way that I have started this process is to become members of blogs by people who are on this journey with me.  Not only am I following blogs of those in my course but I have also found some blogs of others.  Check out these blogs if you're interested in technology integration:

Those are just a few of my favorites. Do you have some favorites to share? I think it will be important to stay active in the blogging world as I finish up my Masters as I'm always finding new ideas, new technologies, and new inspiration.  Let's face it, our job can be challenging, so the more we collaborate with each other the better chance we have to achieve our goals.  Our superintendent always says "Work smarter, not harder!" I'm all for beg, borrowing, and stealing  using with permission! 

I will also need to set up a classroom blog. Currently, I use a blog housed through my district's website.  You can see my class here: Mrs. Dills' Kindergarten Blog.  This blog has some limitations, and let's be honest...I teach kindergarten...The cute factor is not evident on our blog, nor can I make it. I also need the ability to have comments, and currently our district one does not do that. So, I'm looking at creating another blog where I can utilize all the advantages of the blogging world.  I'll create it on Blogger, just like this blog.  You can even go as far as hiring someone to create a 'blog face' for you, a template that is personalized.  Have you visited the 3 A.M. Teacher?  She does amazing work.  Check her out here: 3 A.M. Teacher. She's posted about creating badges and specific looks for teachers.  I have no idea of the cost, but I'm contemplating it.

What are you doing to keep yourself 'current' and in the know? 


  1. Melissa,
    First of all, I love your enthusiasm and your posts. Since I began my Masters Degree, I tend to do alot of searching online (I'm not much of a tv person except for a few programs) and I subscribe to a few art teacher blogs that have been invaluable. I also do a lot of "borrowing", but I'm sure just like me, you make it your own.
    I would also like to add more options in creating my class blog and that is something I will hopefully accomplish this summer before I pack my next child up for college! I would like to also have one of the advanced tech kids help me design it so I was going to ask our Technology Teacher if she could recommend everyone. I have a huge list of things to try out- I wish I had a year off to just explore!

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I agree with Cindy about your enthusiasm. Although I teach at the other end of the spectrum, my sister teaches kinder and is attempting like you to integrate more tech. Your idea of blogging with others to collaborate is a great one. There are so many great ideas out there and as they say, "the tide raises all boats."

  3. I love the fact that you incorporate students' projects on your blog as well as include videos of them. Really gives the user a strong connection to your work. I think "stealing" is fine because why reinvent the wheel. That's what online collaboration is about, sharing best practices.

  4. Melissa,

    Thanks for the new websites that you gave us. I checked them out and they look great. I also am wanting to find new websites and and learn how to develop my blog page so that it welcomes other teachers to use my lessons that I have created. Your blog is very cute, where did you find the background?

  5. @ Tricia, here is the link to the blog template I used. She has a ton and I switch it up a lot!
    Also, Tricia, a great way to get your 'name' out there is to follow some of the popular ones.... post about one of their posts "So and So is giving away a freebie about math facts" then add a freebie of your own.... "Here's one I created to add to your resources" sure to send a message to that 'famous' blogger and then ask for them to mention your blog and giveaway..... soon you'll have some followers..... it's addicting!

    Thanks for all of your comments! I'm excited for this summer to find and organize more resources.