Friday, February 3, 2012

Parlez-vous francais?

I decided today to take a look at my 'stats' for this site.... I was so excited to have over 2,600 views on my blog. As I looked further into the stats look what I found.....

Over 700 views in France!?!?!?!? Je devrais peut-ĂȘtre changer de parler français? My French is a little (a lot) rusty, but I could try! Seriously, take a look at the views per country.... I feel like singing 'It's a small world'! Really?? There is someone is Malaysia who is interested in what this Ohio kindergarten teacher is doing??? 

Ok.... enough of my wide-eyed amazement... Here is my new trick for the day!

If you'd like to take a 'screen shot' of what is on your ipad simply:
  • have your screen set to the pic you want to take a 'picture' of
  • hold down the 'home' button and the 'power' button at the same time for a second
    • You will hear a click of a camera (if your volume is turned up) and a flash of the screen
  • the screen shot is now in your pictures!  Voila!

See full explanation here!

 Au revoir mes amis!

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