Monday, December 19, 2011

Story Writing in Kindergarten with iPads

Typing text into StoryKit
   Creating stories in the iPads is very engaging for kindergarteners.  I borrowed an iPad from another K teacher and was able to have 3 kids to each iPad (I had a few absent, so it worked out well!).  I was concerned about 3 students in each group as it hasn't worked well in the past.  I think with the 'threat' of removal looming in the air all were on their most cooperative behavior.  Typically, I use these fun pictures of Santa to help student extend their writing.  At this time of the year many students are capable of writing multiple sentences but it doesn't seem very appealing and frankly it's a lot of work!  So, these pictures have helped in the past.  This year, the pictures are part of a digital story.  The kids had a    blast and can't wait to share them with each other.

Check out these links to the stories some of the students created.  (Click on the speaker to hear their voices.)

Taking a picture to add to their story.


  1. Hi Melissa,
    I had the opportunity to have five iPads in my Kindergarten this past fall and it was remarkable how the children were engaged. I had to use them laying on a table but your holders are really interesting and I've never seen anything like them before. Can you tell me about them?
    Thanks! I'll be following along your journey!

  2. Sharon, Here's the link to my thoughts on the ipad covers I have. I just love them for kindergarten!

    Do you still have the ipads?

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Can I have permission to repost one of your pictures from this post, along with a link to your video? I would like to post it to my facebook page to show how children can use the ipad to write and label. If not, no problem. Thanks!

  4. You are welcome to share!