Sunday, November 6, 2011

Story Kit

Story Kit is the app that I have been using to create stories with my kindergarteners. 
              I love it because:
                   -It is simple....not a lot of buttons,which is good for K!
                   -You can type text and record your voice, great for reaching all students in my class!
                   -You can insert pictures from your iPad or take a picture right then.  My students love this feature. 
                  -There is a drawing feature that allows students to add their own illustration.
                  -The app comes with some stories already saved (3 Little Pigs for example).  Students can then go and change the text and/or story.  I haven't used this feature yet but later in the year we will do this whole group. 
                  -  IT IS FREE!

Click here to see an example of a story some students in my class created.  Click on the 'speaker' to hear their voices.  (I do not like the look of the book on the web through the link.  The story is much more authentic when viewed on the iPad.)

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